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70 cursos gratuitos de Udemy (Inglés+Español) : Curso Excel y Power BI, Photoshop, Adsense, Aprende SQL,Tableau, Excel, Python, Lean, AWS
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70 cursos gratuitos de Udemy (Inglés+Español) : Curso Excel y Power BI, Photoshop, Adsense, Aprende SQL,Tableau, Excel, Python, Lean, AWS

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337° Agotado
70 cursos gratuitos de Udemy (Inglés+Español) : Curso Excel y Power BI, Photoshop, Adsense, Aprende SQL,Tableau, Excel, Python, Lean, AWS
Publicado oct 27.º 2020

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Cursos de 4+ estrellas. Los códigos vencerán en 1-2 días

Spanish (4.6) Curso Excel y Power BI – Análisis y Visualización de Datos OCT20-1

Spanish (4.4) Introducción a Adobe Photoshop CC 2020 (Actualizado) GRATIS-CAPDESIS

Spanish (4.1) Google Adsense. 99 Secretos que Internet No te Enseña. 2020. TWITCH

Spanish (4.3) Comienza con R ¡Añade valor a tu CV en 2 horas! B90E90DE425C8BAC6D10

Spanish (4.4) Aprende SQL desde cero: ¡Curso con mas de 50 ejercicios! 1 9497A0979D086BC59ACA

Spanish (4.2) Tableau: Crea un impacto con la información 0B9A15DAABECEF4283E3

Spanish (4.4) Microsoft Excel - Análisis de datos con tablas dinámicas E132A1381313060EADBA

Spanish (4.2) SQL: Creación de Bases de Datos (De cero a profesional) 4C2909E4D310F1B4FA41

English (4.5) Defining Emotional Intelligence 079B520B0CCA386D5B30

English (4.7) Managing Project Work (PMI - PMP) 3A5BAE8432CC509012B9

English (4.1) Develop and Manage Resources (PMI - PMP) 7630ED181F67E4D126EE

English (Highest Rated ) Lean for Business Organizations C5518B068F924319C5FB

English (5) Lean Tools and Techniques for Flow and Pull B035585AB9A21B8432CE

English (Bestseller) Pentaho for ETL & Data Integration Masterclass 2020- PDI 9.0 OCTXXVI20

English (4.3) Machine Learning & Deep Learning in Python & R OCTXXVI20

English (4.3) HTML, JavaScript, & Bootstrap - Certification Course YOUACCELOCT26

English (4.2) Quick Guide: Setup a Local Testing Server using WAMP or MAMP YOUACCELOCT26

English (4.2) Learn MySQL - For Beginners YOUACCELOCT26

English (4.0) Learn JavaScript - For Beginners YOUACCELOCT26

English (4.2) Learn PHP - For Beginners YOUACCELOCT26

English (4) JavaScript, Bootstrap, & PHP - Certification for Beginners YOUACCELOCT26

English (4.2) Learn XML-AJAX - For Beginners YOUACCELOCT26

English (4.3) Learn Bootstrap - For Beginners YOUACCELOCT26

English (4.2) Learn jQuery - For Beginners YOUACCELOCT26

English (4.2) CSS & JavaScript - Certification Course for Beginners YOUACCELOCT26

English (4.6) Public Speaking: A tactical approach 9546D2A90B72DB31BF85

English (4.1) The Complete React JS Course - Basics to Advanced FREEOCTOBER

English (4.4) Develop Your Listening Skills to Shine at Work and in Life 86E39195E8A8084CE232

English (4.1) Learn! Modern JavaScript for React JS - ES6 FREEOCTOBER

English (4.8) The Obvious Secrets To Success No One Knows TOSTSNEXPOCT292020

English (4.4) EQ-2 Resilience and Mental Strength - Emotional Intelligence EQRMSEXPOCT292020

English (4) Marketing Analytics: Pricing Strategies and Price Analytics OCTXXVI20

German (New) Werde ein Menschen-Magnet - Die Charisma-Formel CHARISTART

English (4.2) Complete Machine Learning with R Studio - ML for 2020 OCTXXVI20

English (4.1) Marketing Analytics: Forecasting Models with Excel OCTXXVI20

English (4.2) Learn! Python from scratch - Basics to Advanced FREEOCTOBER

English (4.1) GDPR and Data Protection Compliance for Beginners GDPRFREE

English (4) Machine learning & AI Hands on 3 Projects. FREEOCTOBER

English (4.1) Machine Learning - Step by Step (2020) FREEOCTOBER

English (4.1) Step by step guide to be an Android App Developer FREEOCTOBER

English (4.4) HTML5 - Basics to Advanced with hands-on projects. FREEOCTOBER

English (4.3) Step by Step Guide for Javascript - Basics to Advanced FREEOCTOBER

English (4.5) React JS - A Complete Guide for Frontend Web Development FREEOCTOBER

English (4.3) Nursing Professionals Get Motivated! Motivation For Nurses 334FEE6E04DCBEF2182D

English (4) Canva T-Shirt Design Course Create Stunning Graphics Today! CHRISTMAS_CAME_EARLY

English (4.6) Tableau 2020 Training for Data Science & Business Analytics FB27OCT2020

English (4.1) Futures Trading Ninja: DIY 12Hour TOP-NOTCH Trading Strategy 1OCT20

English (4.4) Microsoft Excel: Beginner to Data Analysis and Dashboards 4471C851C1F635EA50B6

English (5) Machine Learning & Data Science Foundations Masterclass CLUB11

English (4.6) Public Speaking: You Can Speak to Large Audiences D862393E365C81A88F76

English (4.4) Online Course Creation: Complete Course of Blunders to Avoid 795DDC3D62699701AA68

English (4.0) Basics Of Flat Design Illustrations In Canva 7C34A04E50CDC001F0FB

English (4.3) TEDx for NGOs, NonProfits & Volunteers TNNPVEXPOCT292020

English (4) Photo Editing With Free Software 6A1829B7BD9A5CD55E4F

English (4.1) Analyzing Self Storage Businesses for Maximum Profit ASBMPEXPOCT292020

English (4.4) CNN for Computer Vision with Keras and TensorFlow in Python OCTXXVI20

English (4.1) HR Analytics Course with R ANALYTICS27

English (New) Motion Graphics: Make Liquid Motion Effects in After Effects UD1FREE201026

English (4.1) Learn Excel from beginner to advance with Example FREE50

English (4.4) Public Speaking for Beginners 2979E8D97444605D7156

English (4.4) Presentation Skills: Give a Great New Business Pitch 74EFB7D6C2FB1A0D9B1E

English (4.7) Journalism: Conduct Great Media Interviews C84C17A28AE58CBD454E

English (4.2) Sales Skills Training: Give a Winning Sales Presentation 60C26DD7117AF1729851

English (4.5) Public Speaking: You Can Give Great Financial Presentations 2CDEE253D2739633312E

English (4.5) The Complete Motivation Course: Motivation for Your Success 9960F956CB6AA19CF809

English (4.5) The Complete Google Forms Course - Sending & Analyzing Forms 2076C8A7ADCBD6DBDE99

English (4.2) Master Django by Building Complete RESTful API Project OCTOBERSALE

English (New) Complete Adobe Premiere Pro CC Course - Beginner to Advanced FREEADOBE

English (4.2) Microsoft Excel - Learn MS EXCEL For DATA Analysis 23966F2BE2A43C33E5ED

English (4.2) Outsource Mastery: How To Earn More Money By Doing Less Work OCTFREEOUTSOURCE

Mejor descuento desde 9,99 €:

(4.6) [390 questions] AWS Certified Developer Associate Practice Exam Questions $9.99 AWSOCT

(4.7) AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Training 2020 [NEW] $9.99 AWSOCT

(Bestseller) Introduction to Cloud Computing on Amazon AWS for Beginners $9.99 AWSOCT

(4.6) [390 questions] AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 500 Practice Exam Questions $9.99 AWSOCT

(Hot & New ) BEST of SEO: #1 SEO Training & Content Marketing Course 2021 $9.99 2OCT999

(Bestseller) The Complete Digital Marketing Course for Local Businesses $9.99 2OCT999

(4.4) The Complete Train the Trainer Bootcamp - Beginners-Advanced $12.99 THANKS1

(Highest Rated) Leading Effective Meetings - You Can Lead Effective Meetings $12.99 THANKS2

(4.3) SEO TRAINING 2021: Complete SEO Course + WordPress SEO Yoast $10.99 2OCT999

(4.4) Facebook Dynamic Ads (Facebook Dynamic Retargeting) MASTERY $9.99 OCT999

[Code: LEARN2020OCT] 100+ Courses - PMP (42 Hours), Agile (32 Hours), PMI -RMP / IIBA-ECBA (37 Hours), Business Analysis (16.5 hours), Operations Management (13.5 Hours) & More $ 12.99 LEARN2020OCT
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