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Curso gratuito de Adobe Premiere Pro! (5'5 horas)
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Curso gratuito de Adobe Premiere Pro! (5'5 horas)

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Curso gratuito de Udemy por tiempo limitado con muy buenas valoraciones!
+5 horas de vídeo bajo demanda (en inglés, con la posibilidad de añadir subtítulos) en las que aprenderás:
  • CC 2020 Updates!
  • How to edit and export your first high quality video for YouTube or Amazon Prime
  • How to organise footage into folders from a GoPro, Drone, and Smartphone
  • Apply simple colour correction and grading techniques to your videos
  • Make visually engaging videos using speed ramping and slow motion techniques
  • Add high quality copyright-free background music to your videos
  • Incorporate stunning motion graphics and text without any technical knowledge

  • Read and agree to the Terms of Service (see website)
  • This course is taught using Adobe Premiere Pro CC (Creative Cloud). You can still do this course if you are using a previous version of Premiere Pro


So you've taken a quick look at Premiere Pro and are completely overwhelmed by all of the tools within the software and have no clue how to start editing your first video... Or you've edited a few videos but you are simply not happy with the results!

If you're frustrated... I know the feeling! For the first few months, I battled the same problems you have and I felt like I'd never figure it out. Premiere Pro seemed so complicated and the learning curve was painful.

As a self taught video editor and almost 4 years later, I am proud to say that I am truly happy with the quality of the videos I am producing for Amazon Prime and YouTube. I wish I had this course when I first started, it would have saved me years of pain and suffering!

The reason I created this course is so you can watch over my shoulder and see exactly how I edit videos... without unnecessary jargon and complexity.

What makes me qualified to teach you?

I'm a self taught video editor and vlogger that started off like you! In June 2016, I had zero editing experience, no laptop, no students, no YouTube channel, and no presence on Amazon Prime. Fast forward to February 2020, I have;

  • Produced over 22 publications on Amazon Prime
  • Almost 700 videos on YouTube
  • Almost 10,000 YouTube subscribers with over 5+ million minutes watched
  • Over 100,000 students in my online video courses

Trust me, as I review my stats it sounds crazy to me too! I never expected in a million years to be in my current position with these achievements. I started with nothing... If I can do it, I am confident that you can do it too.

What You'll Learn In This Course

I've edited all of my videos with Adobe Premiere Pro and so I'll be teaching you how to edit stunning videos for YouTube in Premiere Pro without all of the unnecessary complexity that you'll find in other courses.

If you like the way I edit my travel and fitness videos on YouTube then this course is perfect for you!

In this course, you'll learn;

  • The latest CC 2020 Updates
  • How to set up your first amazing project
  • Organising & importing your footage for faster editing
  • Basic editing tools to save you time
  • Importing footage from different sources (Drone, GoPro, and smartphones)
  • How to edit footage with different filming resolutions (4K vs. 1080p)
  • J-cuts and L-cuts like a pro!
  • Basic story telling methods
  • How to create awesome lower thirds
  • How to create amazing voice-over recordings
  • How to create simple shapes and text (in minutes!)
  • Adjustment layers for better editing efficiency
  • Simple editing tricks to make cinematic videos
  • How to create movies with rolling-end credits
  • Motion Graphic Templates for more engaging videos
  • How to make your audio sound awesome! (with audio mixing)
  • Soundstripe and Epidemic Sound for outstanding music for your videos
  • Colour correcting and grading tricks for amazing video production
  • Sync-cutting music like a pro!
  • Keyboard shortcuts to save hours off your workflow process
  • Speed ramping and slow motion techniques
  • How to apply transitions between clips
  • The best export settings for YouTube, Amazon Prime, and Instagram
  • So much more!

By taking this course, you'll learn in several hours what has taken me years to learn! You'll be learning my latest editing techniques that will save you time, money, and frustration.

BONUS: You'll receive downloadable sample videos in this course that you can use to practice with while I teach you in this course.

What Makes This Course Different?

Let's be honest. You can probably learn everything in this course on the internet for free. Over the past 4 years, I've taught myself how to edit with online courses and tutorials.

My ambition with this course is to take 4 years of my knowledge and experience, and put it in an easy-to-follow course so you can learn in 1 week what has taken the last 4 years to learn!

And with almost 700 videos on YouTube and 22 Amazon Prime publications, I've developed my own editing style. If you like my editing style after watching my videos, then this course is the only place where I will teach you my style.

Go ahead and click the enrol button and I'll see you inside the course...

¿Para quién es este curso?
  • Anyone wanting an uncomplicated guide to using Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Anyone wanting to make their videos look amazing
  • Beginner Vloggers and YouTubers
  • Absolute beginners that feel intimidated by video editing
  • Business owners that want to save money and make their own business videos
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Mi primera publicación 😃

Curso de Udemy GRATIS con de 5 horas de duración gratis con código promoción, para aprender todo sobre de Adobe Premiere Pro

Aprenderás comosas como las siguientes:

– Crear, editar y exportar tu primer video de alta calidad para Youtube o Amazon Prime
– Organizar fototeca y pasajes en carpetas desde una GoPro, drone o smarthpone.
– Técnicas de correción de colores y grafismos.
– Utilidades visuales como técnicas de slow motion o speed ramping.
– Añade música libre de copyright a tus videos
– Añade graficos animados y textos sin técnicas difíciles.

Compra y usa el cupón que he compartido y te saldrá GRATIS.

Un dsludo a [email protected] y espero os sea de utilidad
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Si es de abobe no, de adobe entonces si
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ya lo tenia pillado se ve que de la última vez pero se agradece

gracias, esta interesante.
Hola Miguel
gracias por el aporte.
Hola yo lo compartí como publicación pues no lo había visto y eso que lo busque, pero me alegro que mi información adicional sirva. Un saludo a [email protected] y gracias
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