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Diseño y Desarrollo Web: Proyecto Web, Juego Pip-Boy y una extensión para Chrome
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Diseño y Desarrollo Web: Proyecto Web, Juego Pip-Boy y una extensión para Chrome

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En este curso aprenderás a crear un sitio web, responsive, atractivo, moderno y profesional, usando HTML5, efectos visuales CSS3, control interactivo con JavaScript y JQuery.

Trabajarás en 3 proyectos de clases a lo largo de este curso:

  • Sitio Web: Utilizando HTML + CSS
  • Pip-Boy inspirado en Fallout - Tomaremos lo que aprendimos en las secciones CSS y Bootstrap del curso para codificar un Pip-Boy del juego Fallout. Este proyecto lo ayudará a aprender los elementos de diseño del desarrollo web moderno.
  • Extensión Google Chrome: terminaremos el curso programando una extensión Google Chrome basada en JavaScript. Este proyecto lo ayudará a comprender las partes lógicas del desarrollo web.

Welcome to the Course!
  • Introduction to the course
  • Atom setup
Web Development Basics - HTML
  • HTML document structure
  • HTML elements - div and span
  • HTML elements - i, b, p, and a
  • HTML elements - ul, li, and ol
  • HTML elements - header and footer
  • HTML elements - section, main, and article
  • HTML elements - h1-h6 and aside
  • HTML tables
  • Project #1 - HTML text site
Advanced HTML Concepts
  • Images
  • Forms
  • Inputs
  • Checkboxes
  • Radio buttons
  • Select, option, and buttons
  • HTML5 videos
  • HTML5 audio
  • Doctypes
  • Meta tags
Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Targeting color and background
  • Element specificity
  • ID targeting, margin, and border
  • Padding, margin, and float
  • Max-width and background-image
  • Switching over to an IDE
  • Font weight, style, and family
  • Text decorations
  • Text spacing
  • Text decoration modification
  • Text shadow
Advanced CSS
  • Psuedo-states
  • Border radius
  • Positions
  • Psuedo-elements
  • Z-index
  • Viewpoint width and height, overflowing content
  • Transition property
JavaScript for Beginners
  • Intro to JavaScript
  • Alerts and console logging
  • Integers, strings, and variables
  • Undefined variables and modifying values of variables
  • Boolean operators
  • Comparing values
  • If statements
  • For loops
  • Defining functions
  • Event handling
  • Setting an elements innerHTML
More JavaScript Concepts
  • Arrays pt.1
  • Arrays pt.2
  • Arrays pt.3
  • Textareas and getting the value of inputs
  • Functions - parameters and return values
  • Multiple parameters in functions
  • Flexible function parameters
  • Exercise - find the missing number
  • Exercise solution
  • Classes explained
  • Class constructor, instance variables, and static variables
  • Extending classes
Getting Started with jQuery
  • jQuery setup
  • Targeting elements
  • Event handling
  • Dropdown menus
  • Making our dropdown disappear
  • Multiple targets, events, and attr method
  • Prepend, append, and html
  • preventDefault
  • event.which and switch properties
  • Custom context menu, pageY, and pageX
  • is method
More jQuery
  • Writing our own version of jQuery
  • Find method
  • First and last
  • Focusin and focusout
  • Contains, is, and hasClass
  • Each method
  • Callbacks
  • CSS
Bootstrap Basics
  • Bootstrap setup
  • Navbar pt.1
  • Navbar pt.2
  • Forms pt.1
  • Forms pt.2
  • Buttons
Project #2 - Pipboy from Fallout 4
  • Setup
  • Navbar
  • Main page
  • Pipboy image and footer
  • Colors
  • Font and styling main nav
  • Scanlines
  • Navigation styling
  • Tabs
  • Progress bars
  • Stat bars
  • Footer fixes
  • Damage and resistance
  • Icons
  • Inventory template
  • Item list
  • Weapon stat container
  • Finishing touches with JavaScript
Project #3 - Google Chrome Extension
  • Problem solving
  • Manifest files
  • Basic setup
  • Getting video URLs
  • Injecting JavaScript
  • Getting pretty objects for each URL
  • Creating download options list
  • Communicating between the page and extension
  • Chrome downloads API and background scripts
  • Receiving messages and downloading files
  • Styling our extension and publishing
Final Thoughts
  • Tips for getting started as a professional web developer
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