Game Hacking, security and Ethical Hacking (Introduction) (ENG) (Inglés)

Game Hacking, security and Ethical Hacking (Introduction) (ENG) (Inglés)

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Game Hacking, security and Ethical Hacking (Introduction) (ENG) (Inglés)
Publicado 13 ene 2021
Game Hacking: Cheat Engine Game Hacking Basics
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Introduction to reverse engineering and memory hacking using Cheat Engine

Lo que aprenderás
  • How to get started with Cheat Engine
  • How to hack a process memory
  • Finding variables and pointers in memory
  • Using data structures to hack health and ammo
  • Hacking games to get invincibility and unlimited ammo
  • Get a solid foundation in memory hacking
  • Using Pointer Scanning to hack health
  • Writing scripts to inject code to reload ammo
  • Basic Assembly Language
  • Use inline assembly (code caves) to inject code into process memory
  • Do Array of Bytes (AOB) injection
  • Use Freeze Method to verify memory addreses
  • Use double pointer map scanning
  • Use Range of Module Address and Offset Parameters to optimize pointer scans
  • NOP, JMP and Reverse assembly code get unlimited ammo reload
  • Creating Cheat Tables for Teleporting
  • Hacking 3D coordinate Systems for Flying
  • and more . . .

  • Basic knowledge of C/C++ and Assembly would be helpful, but not necessary
  • PC running Windows 7 or 10

If you like playing games or reverse engineering, then this course is for you.

Traditionally, reverse engineering has been done using familiar tools such as x64dbg, OllyDbg and IDA. This course will introduce you to another powerful tool commonly used in game hacking - called Cheat Engine (CE). This tool will allow you to modify in-game Health, Ammo, Position and more.

Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking introduction course
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The Complete Beginners Guide to Cyber Security & Ethical hacking:2021

Lo que aprenderás
  • Students will learn all the basic concepts of cybersecurity and ethical hacking
  • What is Cyber Security ,3 Reasons why cyber security is important
  • 10 reasons to learn cyber security
  • What is Hacking, Who is Hacker, Types of Hackers
  • How to become a professional hacker
  • The complete road-map of becoming the best Hacker
  • Skills required to become a Hacker
  • Different programming languages & their importance in Cyber Security
  • Why Linux is the best operating system for hacking
  • Best Linux distributions for hacking purpose
  • Best cyber security certificates to undertake
  • What is Cyber Attack, Types of Cyber Attack
  • Phase of hacking and much more...

  • This course assumes you have NO prior knowledge in Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking.
  • The course is divided into a number of sections. And by the end of it, you will be aware of almost all the concepts of cyber security & ethical hacking.

I know you are interested in cyber security and ethical hacking. You guys always searching words like virus, malware, hacking, encryption and many other related works but could not get a satisfactory answer, but don't worry you are at the right place we have a perfect course for you that will teach you all the basic as well as some advanced concept of the cybersecurity and ethical hacking. We will teach all the concept in a fun learning way with many examples.

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