iLife v5 EU GW3

iLife v5 EU GW3

92,47€123€(-25%)Ofertas GearBest
Publicado feb 18º 2018
92,47€ desde EU GW3 con el cupon ILIFEV5EU

This is the updated model for our most popular Intelligent Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. The main change is that Mop Clothing (removable / washable) is available now providing higher clean efficiency.

Main Features:
Drop-avoidance ( 9 cm height and more )
Self Charging: this smart robotic vacuum cleaner can return to the charge dock when it is going to out of power
70mm Slim Design enables this robot vacuum cleaner working in the narrow space
Low Noise Design
Powerful suction ability, barrier-cross ability for height of 12 mm max, climbing ability for 15 degree max
2600mAh lithium-ion battery for long working hours
Automatic Cleaning for home and office, large area available up to 120 - 150 square meters
Three Clean Modes: auto clean, spot clean, edge clean
Two Charging Modes: auto charge, manual charge
Daily / Schedule Cleaning Plan Available: set the start time, and make the cleaning daily at the fixed time even you are not in office or in home
Ten Sets OBS Sensors, 1 set wall sensor, 5 IR receivers on the body make this robot vacuum cleaner recognize the barrier and avoid being collided
Light Color Barrier: change the direction at the around 0.5 cm distance
Deep Color Barrier: slow down the speed and touch the barrier lightly and then change the direction
Three Sets Dliff Sensors at the bottom make this robot vacuum cleaner
IR Remote Control with LCD display for easy operation
LED Indicators on product showing the working status
Cleaning Modes: automatic cleaning, border cleaning, fixed-point function cleaning, make an appointment cleaning and mop the floor
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8 Comentario
Yo le tengo y es la puta poya.
Es el v5. Ni es el S ni el pro. Creo que ha llegado a estar un poco más barato.
Editado por "meco" 18 feb 2018
meco18 feb 2018

Es el v5. Ni es el S ni el pro. Creo que ha llegado a estar un poco más …Es el v5. Ni es el S ni el pro. Creo que ha llegado a estar un poco más barato.

Y que diferencia hay entre los tres?
yoyo_m18 feb 2018

Y que diferencia hay entre los tres?

Busca en Google las comparativas. No sé si aquí puedo poner enlaces externos.
Pues a mi a 92 euros no me sale de ninguna manera
..e acepta el cupón. .. pero no sale a 92.
G-W 3 es almacén europeo pero de.donde?? Solo 1 año de garantía no?
Buenasss... no me pilla el cupon;(
Me sale a 123 dólares, cupón solo válido para Vips.
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