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Master the Art of CV Building, Cover Letter & Job Interview
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Master the Art of CV Building, Cover Letter & Job Interview

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Curso para afrontar procesos de selección, ahora que estamos en una situación un poco fea.

El curso está en inglés, pero creo que se pueden poner subtítulos en español. Os dejo la descripción en inglés:

Lo que aprenderás
  • Understanding and controlling your minor Emotions, Anxiety and Stress in regard of Employment needs, to set-up a growth mindset in today’s Suffering Economy by Covid-19 Pandemic Crises
  • Discovering your Inner-Self and Passion to purse and understand which Firms Job, Scholarship or Business opportunity is best suitable for you and start developing your CV/Resume accordingly
  • Learn to Master the Art of development of a Globally accepted CV/Resume along with a Custom Cover Letter which would increase the chances of your successful job landing by around 80% as compared to an average CV/Resume and a Cover Letter
  • - Master the Art of “Understanding of JD” & Explanation to get your CV/Resume standout even without having relevant background experience or in-depth knowledge of the Job applied
  • - Learn 7 Ground breaking globally acceptable CV Development Points and the power of “In-Person Drops & Elevator Pitch” that influence the HR’s decisions on CV selection with the help of example of Good CV and Cover Letter
  • Learn how to Master the Art of maintaining a sound Body Language Using Psychology tricks and giving a professional interview in both One on One and Panel scenarios in case of In-person and Online settings
  • - Understanding the concept of “RBQ’s” The single most powerful tool for giving a satisfactory answer to every interviewer’s question with an amazing 100% Impact
  • Bonus: Learn how to master the Art of getting successful on the job and getting promotions in this era of Covid-19 suffered highly competitive market
  • - Learn the secret recipe of “Rule 120”suggested by World Top Organizational Leaders to stand out and get Job Promotions easily and upgrade your career ladder fast
  • - Mastering the Art of Constructive Feedback: Learn to give all sorts of feedback without hurting feelings and promoting guaranteed positive results & outcomes
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Vas a poner más cursos de udemy ?
ismaelmrls03/09/2020 13:38

Vas a poner más cursos de udemy ?

Si veo alguno lo compartiré por aquí, en español o en inglés
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