Mindz - Mindmap (Pro) mapa mental para Android (4,8*)

Mindz - Mindmap (Pro) mapa mental para Android (4,8*)

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Mindz - Mindmap (Pro) mapa mental para Android (4,8*)
Publicado 03 jun 2021
Existe la aplicación "Mindz - Mindmap" ahora mismo a mitad de precio.

Valoración: 4,8 estrellas (384 usuarios)
Descargue: 1000+

Mindz - Mind Mapping
Structure your thoughts, collect ideas or plan projects clearly in nested lists. You can then easily visualize, present and send them as mind maps.

Mindz Pro
The pro version contains many useful functions to work even more productively. In addition, all restrictions of the Free Version will be removed.

The most important features</b>
• Clear and fast list view
• Intuitive and fancy map view
• Add icons, pictures, colors and links to your mind maps
• Extensive search function
• Navigation by breadcrumb, favorites and map view
• Freely positionable nodes in the map view
• Automatic alignment of the nodes
• Local backups thanks to export and import
• Import of Mindz and OPML files
• Share map view with others as PDF or image
• Share whole mind map as export
• Clear and modern design
• No registration requirement
• No annoying advertising

Exclusive in the Pro Version
• Create unlimited mind maps and nodes
• Map Designer: Easily customize the design of the map view
• Node Designer: Customize the design of single or multiple nodes individually
• Add attachments to nodes (documents, images, audio etc...)
• Advanced export via HTML/text, OPML and Markdown
• Save single nodes directly as mind map
• Dark Mode and selection of accent color
• Cloud backup for Dropbox

La aplicación me parece muy interesante. Tal vez tú también lo hagas.

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