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Onward | Oculus Quest
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Onward | Oculus Quest

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Onward | Oculus Quest
Publicado 22 jun 2021

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Become fully immersed in the firefight! Experience a first person shooter as you never have before: Onward combines mil-sim gameplay with the experience of playing in virtual reality. Players cannot rely on crosshairs or mini maps, instead you rely on coordination and communication with your squad in order to succeed at your objective. Realistic combat mechanics and artificial locomotion will push your combat survival skills to their limit as you engage in infantry combat across a large variety of maps and combat situations.

Onward features a wide variety of solo, coop and competitive game modes. Take to the online battlefield and join your friends in cross-platform combat in a high stakes clash with up to ten people and best your opponents on a strategic and tactical level in an Uplink or Assault match, chase down AI bots in a Hunt mission or wait for extraction as waves of enemies approach you during an Evac mission. The only way is Onward.


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