OPPO Enco Buds W12 ETI81 Low Latency Headphones TWS 5.2 IP54 Waterproof Noise

Publicado 23 jun 2022
OPPO Enco Buds

All-Day Music. Nonstop.

24 h Battery Life

Intelligent Call Noise Reduction

Open-Up Auto Connection

Low-Latency Game Mode

24 Hours Single-Charge Play Time

Sound at Full Power
Enjoy your OPPO Enco Buds for 6 hours non-stop, then simply put them back into their charging case to do it all again. Just 15 minutes gives you a fresh hour of play time.

: Single-charge music play time

: Longest music play time with charging case

Binaural Bluetooth Transmission

Less Latency, Ultra-Smooth

OPPO Enco Buds go beyond conventional Bluetooth by connecting to both ears at once,

eliminating the delay of ear-to-ear transmission models to realize a more stable audio experience,

and allowing you to use both or either side of the earphones as you like.

Ordinary TWS earphones/ Left-to-Right Relay/ Bluetooth Transmission

OPPO Enco earphones/ Left / Right Simultaneous/ Bluetooth Transmission

Low-Latency Game Mode

Click into High Gear

Tap three times on your OPPO Enco Buds to activate 80 ms³ super-low latency Game Mode for a complete audio-visual

sync-up that pulls you right into the game.

Bluetooth 5.2

Stability, Redefined

Enjoy the freedom to move about as you like without worrying whether your call or audio connection will follow.

OPPO Enco Buds? Bluetooth 5.2 chip keeps your connection stable so you can enjoy ease of mind and freedom.

Bass-Driven HD Sound

Satisfy Your Audio Craving

Enjoy the highest highs and the deepest bass with an 8 mm dynamic driver designed to channel

the latest AAC audio coding so you hear your music at its fullest.

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