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Reloj Seiko Prospex Alpinist Sunbeam Forest Khaki 39,5mm.

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Seiko 6R35 Automatic
This watch is powered by a Seiko 6R35 automatic clockwork, that is recharging from the energy that your movement is creating. It has 24 jewels, 21.600 vibrations per hour and approximately 70 hours of reserve = how long a fully loaded watch will continue to operate, while being stationary. This clockwork is also equipped with "hack-function", that enables you to stop the second's hand, for a more precise setting of time.

Date display
The date is shown on the display.

Luminous layer
A luminous layer provides a long-term lightning effect in the dark. It requires only a short-term exposure to light. Usually the pointers, and sometimes the hour markers are coated with this.

Seethrough case
This watch has seethrough section(s), so you are able to see the mechanic and movement of the clockwork.

Screw crown
Prevents penetration of water. To set the watch, the crown must first be screwed up.

Leather Strap
This strap is made of leather.

Sapphire glass
Sapphire is up to 7 times harder than steel, and surpassed only by diamonds on the Mohs scale. This makes sapphire glass a great protection for your watch.

Automatic clockwork
This watch automatically charges from the energy caused by your movement. If the battery is emptied, it only needs a few seconds of movement/energy to start working again.

Water protection: 200 meter (20 bar)
This watch can be worn while swimming/snorkeling (near the surface). The value refers to the pressure in water, at that depth, while motionless... and should not be seen as the depth for wearing the watch..
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    Ojalá fuera la versión en plata y no dorado
    Hace tiempo publiqué éste.

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    Muy bueno aunque no me gusta mucho la aguja de las horas esa forma y pienso que esta inflado los Seiko Alpinist, mis ++ igualmente
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    Muy bonito, a mi también me gusta más en plata. Mis +++
    Y a mi pero está de oferta
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    Este esta muy muy guapo, aunque en mi opinion debe bajar mas el precio y su precio de saluda esta muy helio