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Varios cursos gratis

Varios cursos gratis

Publicado el 15 de junio
Source FB Post - 60+ Free Courses
Master Computers – From Beginner to Expert in One Week Code=B1D26CC265349C17891A
Adobe Premiere Pro: Video Editing for Beginners Code=STAY_HOME_UPSKILL
Android Mobile App Development with Onsen UI and Phonegap Code=ONSENFREE_JUN13
Python Bootcamp 2020 Build 15 working Applications and Games Code=49E7C57EDCA7BA0F89D3
Complete Photography Masterclass: 4 courses in 1 Code=MASTERCLASS
Ms Excel/Excel 2020 – the complete introduction to Excel Code=AECB8D3A14DC4863C918
Public Speaking for Parents - Teach Your Kids to Present 1Hr Code=A71FF4252693173D1B02
Public Speaking: You Can Speak to Large Audiences Code=60B00ACB4121B0247E09
Presentation Skills: Give a Great Team Presentation Code=F29FB7CA81DB7B5BFCBC
Public Speaking for Beginners Code=42405B3A4AFD84F6CA09
TJ Walker's 1-Hour Public Speaking Presentation Skills Class Code=A1DB2527C0E88F5FCE8B
Presentation Skills Training: Great One on One Presentations Code=C02D4D6D12CB67D09CBE
Complete Good Sleep Habits Course - Sleep Better Tonight! Code=E229AE29D6CBAF3AA417
On-Camera Charisma for YouTube Stars - YouTube Marketing Code=0095119A147F1FBAA269
The Complete Journaling Course: Build Self-Awareness Habits Code=B4E9D926A0975C723F55
Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing Code=STAYHOME
Twitter Marketing: 1000% Engagement & More Twitter Followers Code=C50A107E055E56463F89
Learn Excel – The Excel Tutorial for Beginners Code=02508C215EDBA9B4EBA8
Tableau Crash Course: Build and Share a COVID-19 Dashboard Code=B03529077BAB79051646
Ecommerce Website With WooCommerce -Build an ecommerce Store Code=STAYSAFE
Hadoop and Big Data for Absolute Beginners (Eduonix)
Learn To Build a WordPress Theme for Corporate Websites (Eduonix)
Mighty Cybersecurity Bundle (Use 2 Codes : JUNE50 & STAYHOME) for $48 ( 22 Course & 125 Hours Videos)

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