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Mientras que el reino está en gran peligro, el negocio de herrería despega.

♥ VIP benefits
- Give 5000 gold and 200 gems. And the bottom banner ads also be removed.

A peaceful kingdom. Mr. Forge King, who owns a near broke forge, accidentally awakened a dragon.
This is how this story unfolds...while the kingdom is in great danger, the smithing business takes off.

- Shish..it is a secret to the grave that I have awakened the dragon.

- Hire a strong warrior for manual labor.

- Some are not good warriors in the battlegrounds. But it is usually the powerful weapons that make a great warrior.

- Get in higher ranks in the competition and get medals. You can purchase powerful customs with those medals.

- You can play it offline. Save your data.

- If you delete the game, you will also lose data. Save data on the cloud for data security.

If there is any wrong translation in the game
Please email us at '[email protected]' and we will fix it quickly.
Thank you!
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