Anet ET4 o Ender 3 pro [Duda]

Publicado 03 may 2020
Tengo pedida una anet et4 pero que aun no han enviado y estoy a tiempo de cancelar. Mis dudas respecto a la anet surgen a raíz de comentarios publicados en grupos de facebook, como por ejemplo el siguiente:

"My experience with my anet et4

TL:DR . buy a ender 3, same price, most of the problems of the anet solved.

I bought this printer because in the reviews says it has TMC drivers that makes the printer very quiet.

My surprise when the printer arrives is..... the printer is a hell, my

girlfriend hates the crappy noises makes the printer because Anet, you

sold them with A4988.... but none of the youtubers has a ET4 with this

drivers, all of them have silent TMC...

The belt for X-axis is

very long, this makes you need to put the tension screws to the end of

his adjustment lane... or printing a X-axis custom tensioner and attach

the belt with fast straps until correct belt arrives.

The wheels have very bad quality bearings that only lasts 2-3kg of PLA to show wear

The heater has a very dangerous connector that catch fire and you need to replace it before damage the intermediate board.

When the heater connector blown and the temperature goes to ambient the

print continue.... ¿no safe here? most of the 3d printers has a

security feature that stops the print if the temperature of the nozzle

goes +-10ºC of selected...

The power outage function does not

work, in 1.1.2 firmware the most of the times the extruder pull the

filament and tries to print without filament, in 1.1.5 the print

continues without wait to heat the nozzle again...

The barrel

comes without any thermal paste.... thats produce the heat break doesn't

work properly, and in my case, the tolerances between the barrel and

the heatsink are very bad... most of the customers change the hotend by a

V6 clone because this, because the heat break doesn't work properly and

makes the barrel clog very easy.

The bed connector disturb the bed end stop the most of the time.

The stl for the fan duct that comes in the SD card doesn't belong to a et4......

and more and more problems.

Anet, you really test the printers? I think the printers that go to

youtubers are tested but... the "customers model" has been tested in any

moment ?? to much design failures that show evidence in a few days of

amateur use...."

Lo dejo como texto por si necesitáis utilizar el traductor de google.
Merece más la pena la Ender 3 pro por ser open source? Todos esos fallos que comenta están solucionados en la Ender? Y por último, entre la ender 3 pro y la no por cual me conviene?

Muchas gracias por la ayuda
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